Healing with Shiatsu is a unique business, developed by me: Asi Shnabel CMT, a specialist and instructor of Shiatsu Acupressure and Anma traditional Japanese Massage therapy, which strives to promote Shiatsu and Anma healing arts as unique tools for health management, improvement and awareness.
Healing with Shiatsu is aimed at providing related education, practice and treatments for individuals who truly care for their bodies and seek to improve and utilize their own natural healing powers. It is aimed at encouraging them to integrate Shiatsu-Anma healing in their daily life in an affordable, practical and enjoyable way.

About Me:

I am a state-certified CMT, a Healer and an expert & Instructor in SHIATSU-ANMA massage therapy (a Japanese healing art that combines Acupressure therapy with traditional Japanese massage therapy and helps to promote the natural healing power: “KI” flowing throughout our body). I have over 23 years of expertise, including treating clients and instructing in several professional schools of massage & bodywork. My vast background in Martial arts (mostly Aikido) had contributed to my unique hands-on skill and practical understanding of Oriental Medicine and Health, body and mind.

My unique style: In My sessions I have developed a great level of sensitivity and intuition guided by an amazing principle which I name “The Diaphragm principle”: Any pressure technique is meant to evoke a breathing reflex by the Diaphragm so to start a natural corrective process. This principle is very simple, yet most accurate & effective. It helped me gain incredible results over the years!

I would like to consider my prospect clients as students who seek to learn their body’s healing potential through the business variety of services and take part in improving it.


My ultimate goal is to share the greatness/awesomeness of Shiatsu-Anma healing with the public and to contribute to a better and healthier world where people can discover their immense healing potential and grow over their own misery and helplessness!

I specialize in the following health conditions:

  1. Chronic stress/pain management , migraines/headaches
  2. Limited range of Motion , minor inflammations
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome , sports injuries
  4. Cold or Flu attacks (helping in alleviating symptoms)
  5. Temporary loss of voice
  6. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  7. Sleeping disorders
  8. Bladder issues/ Incontinence
  9. Minor allergic reactions (Stress based)
  10. Irritated bowel (upset stomach) syndrome/temporary constipation
  11. Relieving menstrual pain
  12. Relieving shortness of breath (Asthma), anxiety (stress) attacks
  13. Supporting/improving Pregnancy and Postnatal treatments
  14. Supporting maintenance sessions in cases of: “PARKINSON” (Dementia), Cerebral-Palsy, oncology (cancer) and more

If you’re suffering from one or more of these conditions, Shiatsu-Anma therapy can very much be of help. Please contact me for further information via phone or Email.

The Sessions:

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For now I do house-calls in the Los Angeles area (CA), with no specific office location. Please contact me at 310-254-7274 for additional information. A fixed location and opening hours will be posted here as soon as established. Thank you for your patience.


To Asi:

Thank you very much for the dedicated treatment and for your listening heart throughout a long period of time, through better times and also hard ones (in my concern). I wish you lots of success and happiness in your new way, inthe new place you are going to.

Dror, Israel 2012

To Asi: Lots of thanks for the many years you served as a part of “MACABI TIVI” team, for your dedication and professional contribution. Wishing you success on your way.

“MACABI TIVI” team Holon Branch, 2006

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