Oriental Medicine

The health concept in the Far East suggests that the human body can heal itself as long as natural life forces (Jap. =”KI”, chi. =”QI”) freely and naturally flows throughout its organs & tissues. Lack of harmony between man and nature (“TAO”), especially in modern times is commonly damaging this flow and decreasing the ability of our body to function and metabolize. This is the basic cause for the creation of disease & degeneration.
The goal of traditional oriental therapy is to diagnose blockages in energy flow, eliminate them, restore body functional abilities and help to promote (maintain) them.

Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines are based mainly upon Taoism and Buddhism. Healing was done by experts who had spiritual and professional authority over the population.

Naturally, the healer must also educate his/her patients about the source of their sickness and suffering and teach them how to correct their ways in accordance with the nature of their body. Means, there is also an educational factor in which the healer helps to improve the person behind the sickness, and not just the sickness!

As opposed to modern medicine which is mostly logic & technical, ancient oriental medicine (like most ancient natural medicine throughout the world) was mostly based on religious & spiritual belief, such as: Taoism, Buddhism, ZEN, Shamanism etc.